Well so far... no ones donated except family and some of my Pearl Jam friends.  :(  I don't want more money from you guys. 

I wish just a bunch of people would donate $1!  It's so small but just imagine if a whole bunch of people did it.  It would change everything.

So anyways... think I'm about to get evicted which would really suck because I'll loose everything.  I'm one money behind on rent.  Trying so hard to pay all the bills etc.  But i can't catch up. 

I've posted tons and tons of things to sell on craigslist but nobody ever comes through.

Cable and phone were shut off yesterday.  :(

Tough week for me.

Please pass along my site and maybe I'll get lucky with some people sending me a dollar.

Love to all.

Sold wood! 09/02/2008

So I have been going through the house and finding things to sell.  I have 20 craigslists ads up!!  I have had people say they are interested and then just not show up... disappointing and such a waste of time.

BUT I had this pile of wood in the basement that I needed to get rid of and had no use for.  I put it up for $20 and someone came the very next day!  So now I have more room to sort things through and I have $20 in my pocket!


Thanks again everyone for your help!!!  xoxoxoxoxo


Thank you to my family and friends for your help.  You guys are amazing.

Found out we wont be going to court for a whole year against the truck driver!  unbelievable.  so i guess the debt just has to wait that long?  got to love it.


Nearly a Month 08/19/2008

Well it's been nearly a month since I have seen my fiance and child.  It's so hard.  I have never been theough something like this.  I can't imagine how other people have to do this for a year or more.  My heart goes out to you.

I wanted to say thank you thank you thank you.  Please keep passing along my page.

Everyone that has helped me truly touched me.  It shows there are good people in this world.  I have renewed faith in humanity.

Peace and love always.  Have a wonderful day.

THANK YOU! 08/18/2008


I cannot express how much it means to me that so many people have helped so far.  Even small amounts add up with enough people.  So thank you.  My fiance has found a place to stay now... .we're crawling up.

Please keep passing my page along to anyone who can help!  It is doing so much for us.

Peace love... and God bless you all!



Begging 08/15/2008

Please please please help.  I am absolutely drowning. 

Please anything you can spare.....


Thank you.. god bless.

My fiance is now homeless... can't pay for a place to stay anymore.... car payments going to bounce... UGH.

Pray for a miracle....


WOW! 08/14/2008

 I got my first donation from a close family member!  Thank you!!!

I cannot express how much it means to me.  With that money, I can now pay the car payment due next week.


Feeling Better 08/14/2008

Well... no one has donated even a dollar yet.  :(  That is very depressing but maybe no one has really looked. 

I am not sure how to get more attention to my page.  I will just pray everyday that the right people come along.

As for my health, I have scheduled the proper Dr appointments.  I have a lump in my breast that I will get a mammogram for.  It's always when you're at your low, it seems, that something else has to kick you.

What else.... I'm negative $1400 in the bank but i get paid tomorrow.  So hopefully tomorrow my bank account is at least $5.  That would be awesome.  Or even $10 would make me feel better.

That's all for now.  If anyone has suggestions, please please write me.


Had a Bad Day 08/13/2008

So not much has happened since I posted this website earlier this week.  I guess I can't expect miracles. 

Found out more bad news in my life but i don't feel like sharing it.  Just some medical concerns.

Wanted to just send out a quick blurb.

My paypal is up and running.  Finding rich people to help.... seems very hard.