I am very lucky to have amazing friends and family.

I am separated from my fiance right now.  He is living in Colorado because he got a job offer there.  Here he could only make $10 an hour and on that salary, we could not afford the rent, child care, food on the table, etc.  So he took the other job in hope for a future for us.  I have not seen him in 4 weeks and unfortunately it's costing a lot of money just for him to live in a hotel this whole time while working.  I have faith that in a few months the pay out will not be more than what is coming in but until then, we are both scrimping by.

Our son is in CA with his grandmother because neither one of us can take care of him without the other.  We really want to see our son again soon and miss him a lot.  We are trying to make this go as quickly as possibly but it breaks our hearts when he asks when he can come home.

I am stuck here in Seattle until we can afford to move all of our things.  I can't afford to lose my job, the only stability I have, until money is saved up. 

We will have to live separately until a miracle happens.